Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Copics 3

I am frequently asked about when I am going to teach a Copic 3 class. Well, the answer to that is next Monday. If that is a bit too short of notice (I just can't imagine why), I will also be teaching it on Wed, July 20 and Sun, August 14.

I took my Intermediate Copic certification last month in Ohio. The class focused more on theory than technique, so I needed to come home and practice what they taught. I also needed to break down the information into smaller, more manageable pieces for the classes I would then teach. For my Copic 3 class, I will be teaching three-color blending, how to work with those tricky red markers, how to move beyond blending and into adding contrast to your work, and how to shade with grays or complementary colors. Copic has come up with a new equation for selecting colors, so we will be talk a lot about how to choose colors. Of course, we will also make four cards to practice all of those topics (pictured above).

Crazy for Copics (Copic 1). Is a prerequisite for the class, but Copic 2 is not. A list of markers to bring is listed on Angela's class page. I hope you can make it!

On an unrelated note, I was benind the Joy Car yesterday (always happy when I see it), and I noticed that someone had run into the back of it. I wonder if that took away some of the joy. Ps...the bubble machine in the back was not turned on at the time I took the picture. :(

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Unknown said...

Oh! You have to come to ABQ and teach Copic 3. I love the samples.