Friday, March 26, 2010

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Hi all, I just wanted to give a quick update from the trade show. I had three classes today, and they were quite wonderful. Here are some of the things that caught my attention:

The Paper Cut has new metallic papers like you have never seen before. They are STUNNING! The papers are smooth as silk and it is really hard to refrain from touching/stroking them. They come in very bright colors that will definitely catch your attention.

I talked to Mitra today (Impression Obsession owner), and she showed me the new supplement. I had no idea there even was a new supplement! It was printed yesterday if that tells you how new it is. There are even more backgrounds that work well for layering (stamp one background and then add another on top) as well as some flourishes, solid nature elements, and even some cupcakes. Very nice!

I can't tell you how impressed I was with my Layers of Color class. They are the company I mentioned in my last post when I said I didn't know much about them. Well, they don't have a huge line yet, but there stamps are wonderful. I got to play with some of their clear bird, butterfly, and flower stamps and found that they work really well for coloring. I am always aprehensive with clear stamps from a company I don't know. Some of them just don't stamp very well. However, I really liked the ones by Layers of problems there. The stamp sets even have picture of a color sample on the back of each. Handy. Can you tell that I liked them? :)

Well, I am off to place some orders. It is a lot of fun when your boss gives you a credit card and says, "buy lots."

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