Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Well, I'm back! I am still a little tired and cranky (so fun to be around I know). However, I am really psyched about some of the classes I took and products I saw at the trade show. One of the things I really enjoyed was my Zentangle class. I left the class feeling so relaxed! It really worked as some sort of art meditation. I took a picture of the one I drew last night. I am experimenting with doing a little drawing before going to bed to see if it helps me fall asleep.

One of the cool things about the class is that Maria, one of the creators of Zentangle, wrote each of our names onto our class kits. How cool is that? She did the calligraphy for the Catherine Zeta-Jones/Michael Douglas wedding, so I now think of this as my Hollywood box:

After each student created their first Zentangle, we put them all together to see what they looked like. They are so cool as a group collage! It is even more impressive considering we were all beginners.

Of course, if you want to see really impressive, check out some of Maria's work here.


GiftsByHeidi said...

Wow - I love this. I'd love to know more.

Anonymous said...

Let me know when you give a class! Zentangle looks like a lot of fun!! Q

Diana said...

WOW, super cool Laura!

Jenny Gropp said...

I have been teaching Zentangles -- too fun!! I will share on my blog soon -- I have a giant one I have been working on!! Your's is beautiful!!!