Monday, February 11, 2019

Impression Obsession - Old is New

Greetings friends.  Today the IO team is revisiting some of the older stamps that we absolutely love.  I am sharing a design that I find to be perfect for practicing your Copic coloring.  The goal is to color the berries so they are darker around the edges and lighter in the center to give them a more "rounded" appearance.

Here is a closeup of the coloring:

The first step is to stamp the Strawberries image onto white cardstock with black Memento ink.  Now it is time for the coloring!

Impression Obsession Items Used
Strawberries D2200

I used these berries in one of my Copic classes, so I thought I would share the extensive notes with you.  I hope it helps you with your coloring!

Blending Three (or More Colors). 
  • This techniques works better with colors in a natural blending family.  In other words, the markers are from the same color family (B, R, E, etc) and are a few numbers apart form each other (B01, B04, B07).
  • Color the entire area with the lightest color.  Make sure that you really saturate the area with ink.  This will serve as your base color for the entire piece.
  • While the base layer is still wet, add the mid-tone color to your picture using a flicking motion.  By this, I mean to press your pen to the paper, color, and lift the pen up at the end of each stroke.  Do not cover up all of your light/base color.
  • Blend the two colors together using the lightest color.  Circular motions will really help with the blending..
  • Add your darkest color to the piece using a flicking motion. Do not cover up all of your light or mid-tone color.
  • Blend the darkest and mid-tone colors together using the mid-tone pen.  Again, be sure to use circular motions to help with the blending.
  • Finish with the lightest color if necessary.

**Note..if things aren’t blending really well, you can repeat the whole process again.

Step 1- Light color
Step 2- Add mid-tone
Step 3- Blend with light color
Step 4- Add dark color
Step 5- Blend with mid-tone

Remember, light colors are easier to blend than dark colors, so practice with you light pens first.  However, for this card, we are moving on to reds!

Working With Reds:
  • Reds can often be tricky, and people sometimes experience them bleeding more than other colors.  The particles of red dye are denser and larger than other colors and therefore they fill up space faster than other colors.  It is therefore much easier for these colors to bleed past the lines.  Here are some tips to help with reds:
  • Work on an surface such as scrap paper or even a paper towel.  The extra absorbency will help pull the colors down instead of sideways.
  • Use less ink than you might use with other colors.  Don’t try to saturate the images or you will end up with a lot of bleeding.
  • Avoid using circles when coloring.  This technique works well for getting rid of lines, but it saturates the paper with even more color.  Instead, use more feathering with your brushstrokes.
  • Let the paper dry a bit more in between colors.  The wetter the surface is, the more your color will bleed.
  • Don’t color directly up to the edges.  Give yourself a little space around the edges until you get a feel for how much the color is going to bleed.
  • Remember that the blender pen doesn’t do much to get rid of mistakes.  Reds tend to bleed into the wet area instead of back towards the image edge.  Other colors can be “pushed” with the Blender, but not the reds.  You can try putting a paper towel under the piece of you use the blender to absorb some of the extra die.  Just remember to move to a dry piece on the paper towel every time you add more of the blender pen.  It will take many attempts to get rid of the extra red (if you can at all).
  • Always remember to add your reds first.  That way you will have a chance to fix any mistakes before you spend a lot of time coloring the rest of your image.

  • Stamp berries onto white cardstock using black Memento ink. 
  • Decide where your light source will be.  For this particular card, the light will be shining straight on the berries.
  • Color the centers of the berries with the lightest (R20) marker.  Do not color all the way to the edges of the berries.  Allow the piece to dry a bit.
  • Add some of the mid-tone marker (R22) from the edges of the berries towards the center.  Again, don’t go all the way to the edge.  Also, remember that you do not want to cover up where the light would be hitting the berries.  Let that area remain light.  It will act as the highlight of each berry. Allow the piece to dry a bit.
  • Blend the two colors with the light (R22) marker.  Allow the piece to dry a bit.
  • Add a touch of the darkest (R27) marker to the edges of the berries and feather the color in towards the centers of the berries.  Allow the piece to dry a bit.
  • Blend the mid-tone and darkest colors with the mid-tone (R22) marker.
  • If you are not happy with your blends, allow the piece to dry and repeat the process.  Just remember that you are working with reds and don’t want to overdo it!
  • Color the leaves with the green marker.
  • Outline the berries, leaves, and stems with the grey marker to get some dimension.
  • Stamp the saying on the inside of the card.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

IO Challenge- In the Pink

Greetings friends.  The latest Impression Obsession challenge is all about the color pink.  I could have gone with a Valentine card, but I thought this one was a little more "me".....

The card does use a heart, so that is sort of like a Valentine, right?  The card is very simple to make and reproduce.  It would also be nice as a tag to attach to a bottle of wine.

To make the card, I stamped the Solid Heart onto white cardstock using IO Bubblegum ink.  I then added the tiara and sentiment on top with black ink.  Of course, you have to make sure you add a lot of extra bling to the tiara!

Impression Obsession Items Used:
Solid Heart Large H8877
Tiara D7904
Tiara, Cookie and Wine D21195
Bubblegum Ink

Monday, January 28, 2019

Impression Obsession Old is New.... Using Crayola Crayons!

Greetings friends.  The IO team is taking a couple times a month to highlight some of the older Impression Obsession stamps.  IO has a HUGE catalog of images and there are probably plenty you haven't seen before.  Or, perhaps you own some of these stamps and need to dust them off and become reacquainted with them!

My card today was colored with Crayola Crayons!  I taught a class where everyone received a box of crayons and we used various techniques to incorporate them with our stamping.  After all, who doesn't appreciate a new box of crayons?

What got me thinking for the coloring of this card is that colored pencils are waxy and you use Gamsol to soften the lines.  I wondered if Gamsol would also work with crayons....and it did!  I would suggest you go lightly with the crayon and use the side of the crayon nib for coloring rather than the point.  The less lines you create when you color, the less you will have to buff out with Gamsol and a blending stumb.

Here is a closeup of the coloring as well as the background Cover a Card I used to stamp the backdrop:
I hope you give coloring with Crayons a try.  It is always a good idea to reconnect with your inner child.

Impression Obsession Items Used on the Card:
Phone Me G10029
Let's Chat A5618
Floral Lines Cover a Card CC089

Thursday, January 24, 2019

IO Challenge- All About Love

Greetings friends.  Today the theme is "All About Love," and I wanted to share a card that I made for Valentine's Day that focuses on my love and appreciation for my friends. I really like that the sentiment can be used year-round to tell your friends how much you love them.

To make the card, I first started by making my own background.  I started with white cardstock and then added the Denim Cover a Card background in Bubblegum ink followed by the Painted Hearts Cover a Card background in Ruby ink.

For the central part of the card, I used the new Open Brushed Heart in Ruby ink and the sentiment in black ink.

Impression Obsession Items Used:
Denim Cover a Card CC051
Painted Hearts Cover a Card CC244
Open Brushed Heart F20613
The Heart Needs C13737
Bubblegum ink
Ruby ink

Monday, January 14, 2019

Blog Hop Winner and Unbearably Awesome Bear

Greetings friends.  The winners of  last week's Impression Obsession blog hop are going to be announced over on the Impression Obsession blog today.  We thought it would be easier to list all of the winners in one location.  To see if you are a winner, here is a link:

Even though the blog hop with the latest release is over, I wanted to share a card I made with two of the new stamps.

To make the card, I first used a rectangle die to emboss the shape of the die onto my card.  To emboss with a die rather than cut with it, you need to have one of those rubber mats that allows a die to press into the rubber rather than cut through to the plastic plate of your die cutting machine.

For the stamping, I added the new Balloon Bear and Unbearably Awesome images with black Versafine ink and then colored using watercolor pencils and a blender pen.  I love a one layer card!

Impression Obsession Items Used:
Balloon Bear D15150
Unbearably Awesome B15158

Friday, January 11, 2019

Spring New Release Day 5

Welcome to the Impression Obsession Spring Release Celebration- Day 5!

The Impression Obsession Spring Release Celebration starts today and goes all week long (January 7th- 11th).  Every day you can find a list of participants on the Impression Obsession blog at 6am.  Every single blog will have a $25 gift certificate to give away for the event- so the more you comment through the week, the more chances to win!  All  comments for all the event days will be open until Sunday, January 13th at noon CT.  All winners will be announced on Monday, December 14th.

All of the new stamps are available now! You can find them here

Greetings friends. Today is the last day of the Spring Release celebration, but don't worry, I have more cards ready to show you over the next couple of weeks.

Today I wanted to share with you a new bear stamp that makes me smile.  She is just so fancy!                

To make the card, I first started with a blue notecard and stamped the new Boho Mandala Cover a Card off to the side using Ocean colored ink.  I thought the background added some nice interest to the card.

Next, I stamped my Fancy Hat Bear onto 140lb watercolor paper and colored her with Zig Clean Color Brush markers and a waterbrush.  As a final touch, I added my Beary Special sentiment.  I love a good pun!

Items used on the card:
Fancy Hat Bear D15154
Beary Special C15151
Boho Mandala Cover a Card CC347
Ocean Ink

Don't forget to visit the Impression Obsession blog to see the list of designers participating in the hop.

Also, don't forget to leave a comment to this post.  I will choose one comment at random this week to win a $25 Impression Obsession gift card.  Good luck.