Friday, June 8, 2007

Happy Birthday Ken!

Today is my brother Clint's birthday (Ken to me...but that is another story). I was hoping to post a birthday card on my blog, but my scanner is down and Clint took my camera to Bermuda. Am I a great sister to loan him my camera, or what? It makes me nervous to have my camera out of the country. Of course, he loaned me his iPod so that I could use the iPod speakers I won from the Ellen Degeneres Show (for being an Oscar picking goddess). I guess sharing stuff is one of the perks of having a sibling! That was a really long explanation to say why there is no birthday card on today's post.
Instead, I am posting an older "Hello" card I made. The stamp is a collage stamp from Tin Can Mail. I would give a link to their site, but I don't know who started carrying their stamps once PSX closed down. The card is colored using Distress Inks and a mister bottle to achieve a watercolor effect. The butterfly collage was stamped on top of a background stamp made by Hampton Art. The card was finished with a "Hello" stamp is from Hero Arts.
Happy birthday Ken! I love you, L.

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Heidi said...

Gorgeous card, I love it!