Monday, February 7, 2022

Impression Obsession Die Cut Obsession


We have set aside a day to share some fabulous new Impression Obsession die projects! Have fun checking out what our Designers have made today. Today's participants can be found on the Impression Obsession Blog.


Greetings friends. I hope everyone is staying well, but perhaps you might need a card for someone who isn't. The Soup Bowl and Soup spoons dies work so well for this. Of course, it is a good idea to have some coordinating "punny" sentiments:

To make the card, I found a piece of watercolor paper in my scrap pile that I had sprayed with various colors of ink. The result wasn't my favorite, so it went in to my scrap pile to be used later. Never throw away background scraps! You can often die cut bits and pieces of them at a later date and just leave out the parts of the background you don't like.

I layered all of the pieces onto a background that I had stamped myself using Cover a Card backgrounds. I often like to pull backgrounds randomly from a pile and then layer them on top of each other to see what kind of results I get. The great thing about doing things this way is that you often get combinations you wouldn't dream of pairing together. I guarantee you I didn't start this card thinking I would use a giraffe background on a get well soon card, let alone pair it with a waves background. I liked the finished product though. One tip if you want to try creating random backgrounds for yourself...have one pile with more solid looking stamps and one with more detailed stamps. Draw a background from each pile to pair together. I have had better luck with this method than drawing two solid or two detail stamps to use together.

Thanks for visiting today!

Impression Obsession Items Used:
CL1079 Soup Sayings 
DIE798Y Stitched Tag
DIE1103 Soup Spoons
DIE1102 Soup Bowls

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