Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Difference of Opinion

Posting cards online is a funny thing. Sometimes the cards you don't like as much get lots of comments and positive reviews. Then there are the cards you really like that hardly get noticed. The card above is one of those cards. During the Splitcoast Virtual Stamp Night, one of the challenges was to make a card inspired by the song "Singing in the Rain." I was quite pleased with my bird card, especially considering the challenge time constraint. Alas, people seemed to gravitate to the submissions featuring women holding umbrellas. My "Singing in the Rain" card received the least number of views of all my challenge cards.

So, which one of my cards got the most views and comments? One that really isn't my taste. What does it say when people like the cards you make that aren't your personal cup of tea? not to think about that too much! Here is a picture:

The challenge was to make your own flower for a card. After panicking for half of the allotted challenge time, I made a flower out of tissue paper like the ones my mom taught me as a child. Did anyone else take Kleenex and fold it back and forth into a fan, tape the center, then fluff the edges to make a flower? The flower on the card above sits several inches off of the paper and is held together with tape and a prayer. I think all of those factors made me biased against it.

I have to say that blogging and sharing pictures is definitely an eye-opening experience, and it never is quite what you expect. Darn those viewers with differing opinions! :)


Suzanne C said...

Totally agree with you on this.. Sometimes I finish a card and think Oh.. this is beautiful and then it gets little response and other times not sure about something or don't like ti as much and it is a big hit. :) I think both are lovely. I do know that it depends on your audience too. :)

Anonymous said...

I love your bird card. It's a fun take on the challenge. And the flower...what can I say?? Started my day with a smile... Take that comment as you will. :) Q

Jennifer E. said...

Laura, I loved reading your post--it is so true, I totally agree! I however, favor your "Singing in the rain" card. Love the decorative panels and the colors you chose. Thanks for playing along in DRS Designs Stamp A Day Give Away! Good Luck to you!