Monday, May 21, 2007

Computer Woes

Well, the unthinkable has happened and my computer has crashed. I had a friend of a friend look at it and he says it is the operating system. Yikes! Right now the computer won't even boot. He says he can rebuild it, but the phrase "try to recover data" is not comforting. Again...yikes! It has motivated me into looking at better ways of backing up the hard drive. Sigh... I still have access to computers, email, scanner, etc., but I feel sort of "naked" without my own computer.

The card on the left was made using Twinkling H2O's. They are a fabulous brand of metallic watercolor paints. The only problem is that the metallic quality doesn't show up when the card is scanned.
My posts might be somewhat infrequent until my computer returns from the hospital. Sorry!


Anonymous said...

The small view of the card sucks. I really wanted to see your work up close.

Laura said...

The link is fixed, and now you can view the "larger" version. Enjoy!

stamp and scrape said...

This is absolutely gorgeous. I love how you have got the H2Os to blend so well - any tips on that?
Also, I see from the comments here that the last person could not enlarge the image. I also have that problem on my blog. What did you do to fix it?
You can contact me through 2peas - I'm UKScraper.