Tuesday, February 5, 2008

So much to say

Once again, pardon me for my long post.

I originally thought my blog would focus only around my craft projects. I quickly found out that life isn't so easy to separate into easily definable segments. I have also discovered that all kinds of people are visiting my blog. There are the people who stumble upon it for various reasons and will never return, craft people who want to see my cards, and friends and family who want to hear about me. For my post today, I thought I would start with the crafting before blabbing on and on about myself. Feel free to tune out at any point.

I love this stick figure from Wordsworth (Now owned by Rubber Soul). I just feel like there is a happiness about the image that makes me smile. To color the background, I rubbed a Venetian Sunrise Fresco pad over the surface. Hardly anyone I know uses Fresco pads, but I love them. They give the appearance of chalk without having to seal the surface when you are done. They aren't "juicy" like other pads, so maybe people feel like they are too dry to use. I do recommend getting a reinker if you buy a Fresco pad. I tend to use the pads a lot for direct-to-surface and therefore need to frequently reink them. I added the dancing figure and AMuse saying with my Giovanni's Garden Fresco ink and finished the card with some strips of paper.

Okay, back to me. My friend Amy and I recently went into DC for an odd reason. We wanted to see the Stephen Colbert portrait hanging in the National Portrait Gallery. For those of you who aren't familiar with the story, Stephen Colbert had a segment on his Comedy Central show where he tried to get the Smithsonian to accept his portrait as it is "a national treasure." The National Portrait Gallery agreed to hang it for six weeks.....outside the bathroom and above the water fountains. Of course we had to see it! We were surprised be the number of other people who had the same idea. Who knew?

I am embarrassed to say it took a comedy bit to get me to the National Portrait Gallery for the first time, but I am so glad I went. It is a GORGEOUS building! I am including a picture of a hallway I liked as well as the enclosed courtyard where we had lunch. We even got to see the Katherine Hepburn exhibit that included her four Oscars. Fantastic!


Penny said...

Hi Laura, it's a lovely simple design - I haven't even heard of Fresco pads but it looks good :)

Elena said...

I love the portrait over the water fountain. I need to get to the Portrait Gallery soon. It is such a lovely building. Hope to see you soon at Angela's