Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Non-Craft Post- Harry Potter

I don't often post non-craft related things, but I had a chance to do something special yesterday, and I thought I would share. Okay, I mainly wanted to show my mom my day. :)

I was lucky enough to win a trip with a local radio station to go to New York and see the US Premiere of Harry Potter. Yeah! The big surprise for me? I had no idea that I could get to NYC by bus in less than four hours. Who knew?

We were escorted to the side of Avery Fisher Hall (Lincoln Center) and were allowed to watch the reporters and interviews. The red carpet made a u-turn, and we actually walked the second half of the red carpet where there weren't any reporters:

Once we were inside, we could see the start of the red-carpet and the fans that had waited to see the celebs. It was nice to have a birds-eye view. Plus, the glass toned down the sound of screaming teenagers:

We found that our seats inside were row 8 on the right-hand side. I was worried about seeing a 3-D movie that close, but it was an awesome vantage point when the actors, director, producers, and screen-writer came out before the show to talk about the films.

I call this one "Yeah Daniel Radcliffe!:"

Another pict of the pre-show talk:

I was probably the most excited about seeing Alan Rickman. Someone recently told me that the actor who plays Neville grew up to be quite good looking. Boy, was she right.

Overall, it was very exiting to see the premiere. The movie has a ton of action, and the crowd was really into cheering and clapping throughout the whole show. So much fun!


Suzanne C said...

Laura... How cool is that! So happy for you! My daughter thought this was awesome. Glad you had a great time!

Sonia W. said...

Laura, thanks for posting photos! That's so great that you actually got to see the actors - especially Alan Rickman (love) and Neville (swoon!) I'm glad you got to go and that you had such a good time.

Deedee "aka" Deedster said...

I have been dying to hear the details. Glad you posted.

Shirley said...

Wow! Laura, TFS! I used to see those movies with my grandson and this brought back beautiful memories! How awesome for you. I have to say I was shocked to see the dress Hermione wore? Did it really look like that?

Elena said...

Been away from blogs much of the summer so far (ahhh, kids!). I've enjoyed the Summer Card Camp cards mostly; should've signed up for that. And this is a cool event for you. The buses to NYC are great - I've done it twice. And Matt Lewis/Neville is impressive in that tux and the movie. Hope to see you at Angela's soon!