Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I know, I know

I have been pretty absent lately. I don't even have a card to share today. I just thought I would post a few cherry blossom pictures from last weekend with my mom. We such a wonderful time going into DC! Does anyone know why some of the blossoms are white, and some are pink? Do the pink ones become white? There were sure a lot of white blossoms around the Tidal Basin this year!

I am participating in an IO challenge tomorrow, so I promise to be back with craft related posts.


Karen said...

For Yoshino Cherry Trees (which is what they have around the mall) the blossoms open pink and then turn white. If you have Kanzan cherry trees (there are a few) the blossoms look like scrunched crepe paper--and they stay pink (and they typically bloom a little later than the Yoshinos)

Deborah March said...

Oooohhhh I am SO jealous!!! BEAUTIFUL pics Laura!

Sonia said...

Beautiful photos, Laura! Thanks for sharing. I was wondering the same thing about the color of the blossoms - thanks to Karen for clearing that up!