Monday, November 1, 2010

Layers of Color

I really love this clear background set from Layers of Color. The set is called "Architectural Blocks," and it lets you combine the patterns in any way you want to create an interesting background. The really nice thing is that since it is a clear set, it is really easy to position the images. For my card, I chose some of the floral elements from the set to stamp a black and white background pattern. I then added a butterfly from the Layers of Color "Butterfly Collector" set that I cut out from yellow cardstock. I only glued the body so that the wings would pop off of the card. Here is a side view to see the 3-D effect better:

Here is what the images look like stamped alone:

On a completely different note, I want to remind everyone to vote November 2nd. I remember my great-grandmother saying that she voted in every election that she was allowed to (she was 28 when the 19th Amendment allowed women to vote). Don't take your voting rights for granted!

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Anne Gaal said...

Hi, Laura! Absolutely fabulous card! So pretty! And I agree! We've only have the right to vote as women in the USA since 1920 - not even 100 years yet! Can you imagine? I voted! :-)