Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Hello again! I hope everyone had as wonderful holiday as I did. It was so great to have some time to spend with my mom and brother. Thanksgiving truly is a time to be grateful for our friends and family. I am also VERY grateful that my car decided to have problems AFTER I returned home and not somewhere along the highway. As much as a pain as car issues are, I realize how perfect the timing was.

Anyway, back to crafting.... today's card is one that we will be doing in Sunday's upcoming 10 in 10 card class. It is a good card to do if you still haven't made holiday cards because it takes absolutely no time to make. I stamped the holly background (Hero Arts) onto dark green cardstock using Versamark ink. I then brushed the ink with Forever Green Perfect Pearls and removed the excess with a paintbrush. Perfect Pearls add a metallic sheen to cards that I just love. To finish the card, I spelled out "NOEL" with some Hero Arts letters and layered them onto some metallic gold paper. Done!

For those of you who enjoy blogging and taking pictures of your cards, you probably know how hard it is to photograph things that are metallic. This is the best picture of the bunch I took. To show the shimmer, I put the card on my white foam board and put a small lamp between me and the card. I wrapped my arms around the lamp to take the picture. It was a bit awkward, but I think it captured a bit of the shimmer (at least towards the center of the card).

For those of you who shop at Angela's, I hope you are planning to stop by the store this Saturday for the Holiday Open House. There are all kinds of events planned, and you can read more about the day here. I primarily wanted to post a reminder because in addition to all the fun, I really hope people plan to participate in our community outreach event. We are collecting food for Southeast Washington DC Ministry's food pantry and can use your help in collecting supplies. I am still thinking about the news story I saw last week where the Redskins handed out 3000 turkeys to those in need. They do this every year, but this year it wasn't enough for everyone to leave with a turkey. This year, the number of those requesting help doubled and people started lining up at 2am in hopes of receiveing food. It just broke my heart. Anyway, here are the items that were requested that we are collecting on Saturday:

Please adhere to specific sizes & brand names if listed.
Green Beans - 28 oz
Peas - 15/16 oz
Applesauce - 16 oz
Corn - 16 oz
Fruit Cocktail - 16 oz
Pears - 16 oz
Pineapple Chunks -16 oz
Peaches - 16 oz
Elbow Macaroni - 16 oz
Jelly - 18 oz
White Rice - 16 oz
Peanut Butter - 18oz
Macaroni & Cheese - 16 oz
Sugar - 2lb box/bag
Vegetable Soup - Family Size
Campbell’s Pork ‘n’ Beans - 28 oz
Chicken Noodle or Rice Soup Family Size
Juice Concentrate (not frozen) Apple, Punch, Berry or Grape
Kool-Aid small envelopes unsweetened packs
Honeycomb Cereal - 16/20 oz. size
Fruity Peebles Cereal - 16/20 oz. size
Tuna Fish, packed in water - any size
Ravioli beef - any size
Spaghetti O’s with meatballs - any size
Beef-a-Roni - any size
Ramen Noodle Chicken flavor packs - not cups
Jell-O snack cups - any flavor
Pudding snack cups - any flavor

Hope you can help!


Suzanne C said...

Love the card! It is beautiful!

Michãel said...

I'm laughing at the image of you photographing around the lamp. Ahh, the things we do for art. It did capture the metallic sheen!

Anne said...

Hi, Laura! Congratulations on your 2nd place finish on the Hero Arts blog this week with your gorgeous keychain! Wooo-hooo! And good luck with your food drive! :-)