Monday, December 29, 2008

Another Guest Artist and Random Stuff

It seems weird to post another guest artist so soon. However, I am running out of time to post Christmas cards, and I wanted to share a card I received from my friend Donna. Not only is Donna a fantastic author and humorous reality tv blogger, she is an amazing crafter too. I had to use the word "crafter" because she pretty much does it, mini books, altered items, beading, etc. Not only that, but she is the most prolific crafter I know. It is disgusting.

For Donna's card, she stamped one of the Penny Black pea images onto white cardstock and colored it with Copic markers. Can you believe her coloring? It is wonderful! The image makes me smile too.

I hope everyone had a great holiday. I wanted to share some picts I took during a recent visit to Baltimore. There is a street in the Hampden area that is rather subtle with their Christmas lights.

Here is a shot of some of the row homes. Understated, yet chic. :)

Here is a shot of one side of the street from the other side. Notice how they have lights running across the street overhead. You know, because there aren't enough lights...

Some of the people let you come up on their porches (and even into their homes). Here is a shot from one of the porches.

The next picute isn't the best, but it made me laugh. What is that sculpture you ask? Why, it is a metal Santa crab being pulled by eight tiny crabs. One of the crabs even has a can of Old Bay in hand. Gosh, I love Baltimore.

It wouldn't be Christmas without some blow-up decorations. Luckily, there were plenty to see.

Switching topics again..what do you think of the larger blog size? I noticed that most people have larger monitors than I do and maybe a larger blog and font size would be better. Let me know your thoughts.


Deedster said...

Bigger is always better.

GiftsByHeidi said...

I can't tell the difference from before. Anyway, love your Christmas light pics. The Peas on Earth card from Donna is so cute too.

tami said...

Christmas lights pics are almost like being there but without the 25 degree temps with wind chill on top of that. I can almost smell the hot chocolate.
Larger blog rocks!

Chrisi said...

I love the new size - easier to read with or without my glasses! Of course, I'll wanna know how you did it.

broni (waterchild12) said...

Hi, Laura! I love your shots of the Baltimore "understated" Christmas lights! LOL! That's a cute "peas" card you received too! I hope you had a great Christmas and I hope your new year will be a tremendous one!

Sonia said...

Adorable card! And I loved the Christmas lights - LOL! I went to college right nearby so the pics brought back lots of memories.