Monday, April 14, 2008

Something Just Not Right

Well, my blog banner does say this is the place to see what is going on in my crafting life. I guess that includes the random, bizarre stuff I make as well as the cards.

Recently, Saturday Night Live had a skit with Christopher Walken called "Indoor Gardening Tips From a Man who is Very Scared of Plants." The basic premise of the skit is that if you put googly eyes on plants, they aren't as scary because you can make eye contact with them.

I am not sure at what point I turned weird. Was it at the beginning when I thought the odd SNL sketch was funny? Was it when I decided to make a googly-eyed plant for my friend Chrisi's birthday? Was it at Whole Foods when I picked a plant that was sloped on one side because I figured googly eyes would attach better on it than a rounded plant? Was it at Michaels when I was walking around with my plant in hand in order to pick out the correct size of googly eyes? Was it when I was standing by all my adhesives trying to figure out the best one to use to attach googly eyes to a plant? After all, you don't want the eyes to fall off (gross), but you don't want to hurt the plant either. (author's note...Ranger's pop dots work great!) I guess it doesn't really matter. There is something just not right with me.

On a related note, as you can see from my picture, googly-eyed plants aren't scary at all. The only down side is that you feel obligated to name them. I told Chrisi she would have to pick a name for her new plant. It is her decision, but I am leaning towards Carmen in honor of Carmen Miranda. The stems with buds remind me of Carmen's fanciful hats. Seriously, there is something just not right with me.


Jennifer said...

You crack me up! I love it. I am wondering what kind of plant it is. Don't think I've seen one before. The creative thought process is a wonder to behold!

Hello - said...

I believe it's a boy and his name is TIMMY. Timmy the Googly Eyed Plant! But I don't turn my back on him - EVER. p.s. Jen, Timmy is a cactus ... or so he says ... but he can't be trusted. You know how they are.

Laura said...

Well, he is your plant, so you can name him anything you want....even if it is the wrong thing.

CyndyM said...

Wrong Wroger