Sunday, March 9, 2008

Wine Time

I feel like I have been whining a lot lately. "I am sick." Waah. "I am still sick." Waah. "When is my cough going away?" Waah. "I am having an allergic reaction to my antibiotics." Waah. "Now I am coughing and itchy." Waah. Don't I have anything good to say? Yes! I am feeling better and feel like talking about wine instead of whine.

For today's card, I am posting some of the new Leigh Hannan images by Impression Obsession. I have tried over and over to take a decent picture of this card without much luck. Ooops. I slipped back into whining mode. The card is about 9" long (it fits in a business envelope), and is shaped like a wine bottle. I often get stuck in standard card mode and rarely make shaped cards. However, when I saw this wine vine and saying, I knew I wanted to make a bottle card. I stamped the wine vine onto the top of the card using VersaFine purple ink and let it dry. I then colored the images with a combination of Copic markers and watercolor pencils. I love the rich colors you get with Copic markers, but they tend to bleed slightly when you use them. Therefore, they often work better in open areas instead of images with tiny details. I just couldn't help myself. I love my Copics, and they tend to show up in all my cards in some form or fashion.

I then edged the entire card with a Colorbox stylus and VersaFine purple ink. I didn't want my sponging to have any defined lines, so I inked my stylus then stamped the sponge a couple of times onto some scrap paper before I touched my card. I also started off of the card and dragged the color onto my card towards the center of the card. If you put a stylus tool directly onto the paper, you often get a dark mark where you touched your card. If you drag the stylus onto the card, the color is much softer.

I finished the card by stamping my saying, adding a ribbon to the neck of the bottle, and coloring the bottles with two layers of a clear gel pen. It is hard to tell from the photo, but the bottles are all shiny from the gel pen and look like glass.

I hope the wine was better than the whine!

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE the wine bottle! You said it didn't photo well...but it looks great. The OI wine vine stamp is a fab image. I made need to borrow it! :) Q