Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Another Day

Well, at least I have lasted two whole days interested in blogging. I hope it continues!

Currently I am working on designing my cards for an upcoming "Summertime Blues" class. I am really enjoying the challenge of working with a monochromatic palette. It is amazing how many different "blues" there are! Unfortunately, some of the wonderful sky and beach patterned papers I wanted to use for the class have been discontinued. I guess I am destined to have more of a design challenge than I had planned.

Okay, the card on the left isn't "blue," but as I said, those cards aren't finished yet....you just have to wait! It is another Impression Obsession card and was colored using chalks, watercolor pencils and gel pens. I couldn't keep the teabag in its wrapper because it covered too much of the artwork. We can't have that!


Nan said...

Laura - love the card with the tea bag - wouldn't have thought to use it as an art medium, but it works! Laughed when you made the comment about the range of blues available. I've been working on a quilt for Wylie - zoo animals - and have started the parrot. I need some blues for it and have fun going though my fabric stash to look at the possibilities.
Glad you have the blog so I can see what you're doing.

Anonymous said...

Loved how you used the tea bag! You are so creative

ABQ Stamping Goddess