Thursday, June 28, 2018

Let's Talk About Backgrounds

Greetings friends.  Today is my day to post for the Impression Obsession Design Team and I wanted to talk about backgrounds and designing your own patterns.  In particular, I want to talk about two Cover a Card backgrounds that are perfect for Summer.  The first is Beach Silhouettes (featured on all the cards above) and Mini Beach Print (used on all the cards below):

As you can see from the pictures, I ended up making a lot of backgrounds to have on hand.  I want to talk a little about each one as well as show you a few finished cards.  It ended up being a long post, but I couldn't seem to stop myself! You can skip to the samples that interest you.

First, let's talk about the Beach Silhouettes background.  In my first sample, I simply stamped it "as is" onto kraft cardstock with Majestic Blue Versafine ink.  I wanted to add a bit more interest, so I added highlights to the background print with a white Prismacolor pencil.  The boat I added is called Star Ship, and I stamped it on white cardstock with the same blue ink to cut out the sail and boat.  Here is  a close up of the Prismacolor pencil on the background:

Here are other samples with the same background and what I was thinking when I created each:

Layering more than one Cover a Card background on top of each other adds extra dimension.  Here I stamped CAC Clouds in Sky Blue ink and added the Beach Silhouettes on top in Taupe ink. I find the Taupe ink to be really nice when you don't want something as stark and opaque as black ink.

Here are two more backgrounds layered for a very different look.  I started with the Woven Tapestry CAC and stamped it in Colorbox Chalk Warm Violet ink and then added the Beach Silhouettes on top with IO Plum ink.  The Woven Tapestry is one of my favorite backgrounds to use in the Fall as burlap or for Halloween cards.

For the next card, I once again used two CAC backgrounds, but this time I sponged white cardstock with Ultramarine Blue Pan Pastel chalk, stamped the Waves background on top with Versamark ink then sponged the waves with the same Pan Pastel chalk. Don't worry.  Sponging the chalk on top won't smudge the Versamark ink.  To finish it, I stamped the Beach Silhouettes on top with Black Versafine ink.

If two layered background stamps are good, why not do three?  For the pink card, I started with the Distressed Denim CAC in Blush ink, added the Herb Leaves CAC in Rose ink and finished it with the Beach Silhouettes in Cherry ink.  The more layers and colors you add the more your background will look like store bought patterned paper.

For the final sample with this background, I played a game with myself.  I picked two other backgrounds at random and stamped them on top of each other to see the end result.  I started with the Giraffe CAC in Tan ink, added the Rocks CAC in Caramel ink and finished with the Beach Silhouettes in Black ink.  I never would have put these three patterns together, but  liked the end result.  It reminded me of a vintage travel background.

Next, how about we talk about the Mini Beach Print background?  In the flamingo card, I stamped it by itself in IO Peony ink.  There is a clear set that is meant to work with the Mini Beach Print CAC called Floral Flamingo.  The clear set is where I got the flamingo to go with the background print.

Anyone else have Colorburst Powder backgrounds on hand that they haven't used?  This background of blue/purple inks is from cardstock I used to clean up leftover watercolor paint from a non-stick craft sheet.  I didn't know what to do with it until I stamped it with the Mini Beach Print in Ocean ink.
To finish the card, I sponged a circle in Canary ink and sponged some Ocean ink underneath to give the impression of a horizon with water.  I then stamped the water print in the same Ocean ink (stamp from the Floral Flamingo clear set I mentioned in the last sample).  The sentiment is called Sun Will Rise.

The next background was made from Distress Oxide inks.  It didn't blend very well and I was tempted to throw it away.  I kept the background to use for die-cutting, but once I stamped it with the Mini Beach Print CAC and Chocolate ink, most of the flaws were covered.  Nice!

For my final sample, I used three different backgrounds.  I started with the Sand CAC in Peach ink. It is hard to see, but it added a mottled look to my white cardstock.  Next, I added the Wide Watercolor Stripe on top with Melon ink and finished with the Mini Beach Print in Caramel ink.

Whew!  I think this was the longest post I have ever written.  I hope you are inspired to play with your backgrounds!

Impression Obsession Stamps Used:
Beach Silhouettes CC315
Mini Beach Print CC316
Star Ship E20501
Clouds CC091
Woven Tapestry CC020
Distressed Denim CC051
Herb Leaves CC238
Giraffe CC135
Rocks CC278 
Floral Flamingo WP869 
Sun Will Rise C13671
Sand CC216
Wide Watercolor Stripe CC299

Impression Obsession Inks:
Sky Blue