Monday, September 24, 2007


I don't normally blog this frequently, but I just checked out Dave Brethauer's blog and saw that he posted my jack o'lantern card from my upcoming 10 in 10 card class on his site! I am so excited that he liked it! I am sure the fact that it uses one of his new stamp sets has nothing to do with it. :)
I have two upcoming classes this week, so there is much to do. "Fall for Impression Obsession" is on Wednesday and uses their new line of fall images. The cards in the class are the same ones I created as an IO design team member. 10 in 10 Fall is Sunday and has 3 Halloween, 3 Thanksgiving and 4 quick generic fall cards. It never hurts to have a stash of cards on hand!
I was planning on posting my pumpkin card that appeared on Dave's blog but just realized that I haven't scanned it yet and my only copy is at Angela's. So....plan B. It seems odd that Dave has a picture of my card, and I don't! Instead, I am posting a card from the class I took last Saturday. The card was designed to have us practice our Prismacolor blending techniques. The holly leaves were made using three shades of green that were blended together. I worked hard to try and get the color grade to transition smoothly. I still need to practice!

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful card! Looks simple in its layout, but the coloring and shading technique had to have been more involved. Very effective! Q